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The siren call of pasta carbonara 🍝

published2 months ago
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It started on a rainy Saturday morning, Reader.

Me, my husband, and our kitty Akimi 🐈 all on the bed doing Wordle. Akimi “helps” by knocking the Scrabble titles off my box cover with her tail.

(Oh, I use physical titles when doing the Wordle because I can’t visualize letters and move them around in my head like everyone else. Hooray for dyslexia/autism!)

Anyways, my husband reads me a FB repost by our friend Nyxie that posited the idea that sirens would lure you with promises of whatever you desired most. Or at least most at that time.

The discussion was fascinating and hilarious.

You can find a larger version of the image and further discussion on the original Reddit here.

So this got the little catfish swimming in my brain churning with ideas.

What would my Legendary Characters be lured in by? Not every character is lured in by the promise of love or sex as pop culture has misled us to believe.

Even in the Odyssey, Odysseus was lured in by the promise of future knowledge, NOT relations with a siren.

It made me think of a great Story Alchemy Quest. You know the daily 500 words of writing I do in my quest log?

A fun and interesting question to get to know your Legendary Character a little better—to understand what motivates them. What gets them out of bed in the morning? And what drives them forward…

What would a siren lure them with?

It could be anything.

Physical affection.

Excellent WIFI at incredible speeds.

Knowledge of the future.

The winning Lotto numbers.

Or maybe they’d be lured to those mighty sharp rocks by the promise of fettuccine carbonara and hot buttery garlic bread.

Hmm…garlic bread with carbonara… I think I hear something Reader? Do you?

Your cohort in storytelling,

Kat Vancil


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Quest of the Week

Your Legendary Character is on a ship that has just encountered a siren, what promise would lure them off the boat?


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